Saturday, August 24, 2013

Endymion by Dan Simmons

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Somehow I felt that Endymion is the weakest of the series. It seeks to makes a connection with book two and at the same time prepare the events of book four so much so that it almost landed in a predicament where we have nothing going on.

Dan Simmons range is incredible. He has woven in this books what others might only dream of. With the monumental ideas of science fiction, the deepening anchorage on spiritual and religious facets of the story and the indispensable importance of emotional cacophony that is the series have endeared it all to me.

The weak points have rather been emphasized on this book, maybe because of what I have mentioned supra.

There is unneeded extended characterizations with the manner the characters are presented. On page 123 on De Soya's presentation:

"More than three centuries - comes first the Shrike Palace, farther south than the others, its barbed and serrated buttresses reminiscent of the creature that has not been seen here since the days of the pilgrims, then the more subtle Cave Tombs - three in all- their entrances carved out of the pink stone of the canyon wall; then the huge centrally placed crystal monolith; then the obelisk; then the jade tombs; and finally the intricately carved Sphinx with sealed door and outflung wings."

He could have simply done away with this and simply said that De Soya knew the place like the back of his hands from the Cantos. This repeats for several instances and honestly the book could have been shortened by doing so.

I had some trouble visualizing or rather digesting the facts, the story and the plot that have been revealed. I hope for further clarification on the next book.

But as i said, less than 5 pages in and already Dan Simmons had me hooked. This is certainly his gift.
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