Friday, August 23, 2013

Paper Towns, An abundance of Katherines by John Green

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In an attempt dictated by convenience and compelled by the material, I have somehow visualized this review to be like this:

**i dread repeating words, which in this case is not only fitting but inevitable in lieu of the indistinctness of the plot.


Protagonist (stereotype of the nerdy-smarty-pants boy without/with a handful of friends who is enlightened(however this word is defined under the books that is) after the proverbial encounter with the female protagonist)

Female Protagonist ( seemingly physically perfect cool girl who deep inside is depressed, radical and rebel who either dies, disappears or leaves and in doing so does not only enlighten and leave the protagonist helplessly obsessed but also moves the plot, anchored as it is.

Sidekick Protagonist (is either cool, bordering coolness, or leading to coolness)

Paper Towns, Abundance of Katherines, and Looking for Alaska are the same. No statement rings as true as this statement concerning these three books could ever be. And no, neither is this straining credulity. And in hindsight, I somehow miraculously wonder at how I've come to finish these three books (which is to Green's credit?).

To Green's credit, he doesn't push the moment beyond acceptable verisimilitude. It wasn't drawn out, it wasn't pushed in urgency, contributing to the enjoyability of the prose and occasional attempt at humor.

So i guess if you want to read the classic transition of a nerdy/nobody to an enlightened albeit obsessive and depressed boys, buy the book. Sorry, let me rectify myself, buy all three books.
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